Growth group & Community Activities

Growth Groups are a setting for developing disciples. As such, they have been around in one form or another since the dawn of Christianity. The early disciples laid the foundation for the Church while meeting in the homes of believers in growth groups in order to encourage each other and to spur one another on in the faith.

During the 18th century, John Wesley made extensive use of small groups in his Methodist societies. His followers would meet together in small groups to systematically study the Scriptures and apply them to their lives. These groups effectively built up believers in the faith, drew in newcomers, and assimilated members into the community of faith.

Growth groups have been known by many names in recent years, including Small Groups, Cell Groups, Care Groups, Life Groups, Home Groups, Fellowship Groups, Home Churches, Mini-Churches, and Tribes. Whatever the label, the predominant purpose has been to provide a close-knit social network that enables members to experience love and acceptance while encouraging growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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